Important Information for Students and Families

  • Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) will continue to provide regular updates on operational, academic and other issues of concern related to the closing of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic. This information is specific to the impact on student academics.

FAQs on Academics during Coronavirus Closure (Click on a Question to see the answer)

  • 1. When will schools reopen?

  • 2. When learning through virtual school begins on March 30, how do students access their course work?

  • 3. When will the school year end?

  • 4. Can I contact my school?

  • 5. What if my student(s) needs a computer?

  • 6. What if my home needs internet access?

  • 7. What should students and families do prior to Monday, March 30?

  • 8. When is the conclusion of the third (3rd) quarter marking period?

  • 9. When will the fourth (4th) quarter begin?

  • 10. How will students be eligible to graduate?

  • 11. What about community service hours requirements?

  • 12. How will students be promoted to the next grade level?

  • 13. What about promotion from 3rd grade to 4th grade and high-stakes state testing?

  • 14. Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) and End-of-Course (EOC) exams

  • 15. College Board Advanced Placement examinations

  • 16. Cambridge (AICE) examinations

  • 17. International Baccalaureate examinations

  • 18. Dual enrollment classes

  • 19. College Board SAT examinations

  • 20. ACT examinations

  • 21. What if my student requires Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services?

  • 22. What if my student requires Bilingual/ESOL services?

  • 23. How can young learners be supported (up to 5 years old)

  • 24. How will my Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses work?

  • 25. Internship and apprenticeship courses

  • 26. Adult Education and GED

  • 27. Transcript requests for college applications, scholarships or other purposes?

  • 28. Florida Bright Futures scholarships

  • 29. . Will families be able to register and/or withdraw from school?

  • 30. Will students be able to transfer between schools during this school year?

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